Something about responsibility

23 de septiembre de 2017

Virtues – Something about responsibility

The responsible person assumes the consequences of his deliberate acts, of the outcome of the decisions he takes or accepts and also of his nondeliberate acts, in such a way that the others benefit the most, or at least do not get detriment, taking care, at the same time, that other people he may influence do the same. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Bubbles of judgement

22 de septiembre de 2017

Bubbles of judgement


• You are kicking stones by the way, be careful!, you could kick your judgement.

• When you walk through life you look backwards, so distant it is your judgement!.

• Get attached to your judgement and not to your defects that harass you. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Bubble of action

22 de septiembre de 2017

Bubbles of action

• The intention of the action of nature is to live in harmony with the man, but the man destroys it.

• Tell me, is it good the action of the man or the one of the nature?, this one, with its blind force, is right.

• Get out of the shadows and enter the world of the conscious actions. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Propiedad intelectual

14 de octubre de 2015

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Santiago de Chile.

El Chimpancé

14 de octubre de 2015

Absolutamente triste
envejeciendo en cuadriculado cemento
entre químicas nubecillas grises
sol enrarecido de hollín,
absolutamente triste
escapa de la jaula la luz de su mirada. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Chosen to shine

23 de septiembre de 2014

We must march bravely to the encounter of this fight in which we must combat evil with strength and determination. Let us make the supreme effort to reach the goal that we have strived so hard to achieve and let us make of our lives something worthy to be in communion with the deepest feelings of our soul in relation to our Heavenly Father. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

The most powerful weapon: love

23 de septiembre de 2014

Waiting for the signs, which precipitated arrive at the earth, we found that the man is no longer that being created formerly with so much mercy and so much love and hard work. God himself, on high, feels a great pain for the great massive loss of these beings that primarily had been created for their exaltation, as sublime beings that, alike to the Creator Spirit, should be kings and lords in this earth which with generosity was created for the man to be in fullness, living with the angels and with those divine beings in which the man would fully trust for his magnificent evolution. Lee el resto de esta entrada »