Chosen to shine

We must march bravely to the encounter of this fight in which we must combat evil with strength and determination. Let us make the supreme effort to reach the goal that we have strived so hard to achieve and let us make of our lives something worthy to be in communion with the deepest feelings of our soul in relation to our Heavenly Father.

Let us make an effort, let us make worthy all of this we have achieved over many years and do not lose it on ephemeral situations of pleasure or entertainment that often makes us ramble in things that are not worthy and that also take away from our minds and from our souls the objective we have set for our lives. Let us attract only the good for us, let us have mercy for the fallen, let us do good deeds, let us glorify the name of God in every action we do and let us be loving brothers that, blessing the name of God, give our hands to our friends, to our brothers, to our parents, to all of those beings who need our help.

Look around and you will see the filth, the squalor in which many beings that were once beings of light are now poisoned wallowing as vermins in the dark mud of evil. You have been chosen to shine, not to dirty. Enjoy the love of the brothers, the pure friendship Jesus offers you, pray with fervor and you will see that your hearts get comforted, because the day is already here, soon, waiting, for every pain, every sickness, every evil speaking to get removed from your lives and only perfection will be in this world at the great coming of our older brother who so lovingly gave his life so we can enjoy all the gifts He offers us as a reward for the effort and love we put in your acts and prayers.

Look at how every day we are more blessed and how He does not leave us adrift. Have faith, absolute confidence in that everything you do in justice and in love will be granted, since God, which is in heaven, does not deny his word when He has given it to his children offering them the wisdom and the knowledge He gives for us to emerge victorious from the cruel battle of this wicked world that, perverted by Satan, suffers from his malediction. Let us walk with the head held high, with a willing heart, and let us leave in this way all those burdens, sorrows and dissatisfactions and let us fill our hearts with the supreme joy of that we are doing good and that our goal will be widely accomplished in a day that is already at the door, if we continue exercising the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We hope that you do not get troubled, that you put all your strength and all your love to meet with your beloved and thus be able to reach the exaltation where you will receive that prize that is waiting for you.

Reverential peace.

A. & A.

March 12th, 2006


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