The most powerful weapon: love

Waiting for the signs, which precipitated arrive at the earth, we found that the man is no longer that being created formerly with so much mercy and so much love and hard work. God himself, on high, feels a great pain for the great massive loss of these beings that primarily had been created for their exaltation, as sublime beings that, alike to the Creator Spirit, should be kings and lords in this earth which with generosity was created for the man to be in fullness, living with the angels and with those divine beings in which the man would fully trust for his magnificent evolution.

For all these things that humanity has lost, we ask the people of good will in Christ, that we put more effort in looking for the things of the spirit, in which our God is well pleased, when the man reconsiders to find that way that so many times has been pointed to us. Understand that, in this ending so near, time is urgent, therefore, we must share with the Holy Spirit the ardent desire to meet him again and not to succumb before the malevolent forces, scattered to the four winds by the perverse influence of the unclean spirit. We must not allow resentment, hypocrisy and rage to surround our hearts; let us be sincere as the little children. Let us speak truth, since our Father, who is here and in heaven, is not pleased with those vermins that devour so frequently the unwary ones. Let us consider the neighbour as we do with ourselves, let us love without reserves and learn that forgiveness, mercy and kindness are beautiful virtues that the spirit must reach in order to have the divinity of showing himself in front of our Father. Virtues must be increased by mercy, and by the tenacity in the works of the spirit.

Love is that force that moves all the obstacles that are put in our way and that we must demolish with this irrepressible force that is poured from the deepest of those divine spirits, the angels, that are anxious waiting for us to open this door so flows all this wonderful content that we have not discovered in ourselves yet. We have not discovered, completely, that we can make the most powerful weapon in the universe if we love. It is difficult to find this sublime love in the spirits of the humanity, since the defects are always preventing this flame, that must embrace all the beings on this beautiful planet, to resurge with more and more impetus, to clean the ominous presence of the black burning abyss that surrounds this painful humanity.

We must always make a constant and increasing effort, for bonding with each other and for having the strength to keep ourselves in the way of the Lord, where will be awarded abundantly everyone who arrives with their head held high and with the light of the spirit in their eyes.

Hoping as always that ours and your will and ours and your love are always present to continue in the way of salvation, despite it is not easy; but, we all know that we have help and we always will count on God the Father, on God the Son and on the Holy Spirit if we put effort and tenacity.

Reverential peace.

A. & A.

August 27th, 2000.


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