To wake up from indifference

Messages 1998 – To wake up from indifference


When the man sleeps in the deep dream of indifference many souls are left in abandonment; wake up then, of that absurd drowsiness that tarnishes the ascent of the primordial meet: get alert in this action of giving thanks for having found the correct way, the correct path, in Christ Jesus, where our steps will be safe when advancing towards the Father who waits us with love. When we give our presence and sanctify this wonderful day we are receiving benefits that does not suspect the human consciousness which, with its selfishness, only thinks about limited things and does not get to see the great gift that is given to us each time we present ourselves to God in prayer. Increase the treasures of faith, increase the desires to adore God and his Son, this is necessary for those, his sons, who want to accumulate celestial treasures which, at the end of these times, they will be able to enjoy those benefits accumulated along so much time.

Let us begin a spiritual cleaning without doing anything opprobrious to our brothers, without taking into account the acting of other people but the one of ourselves, since when we feel disappointed and damaged by the actions of other people, we are feeling our own wrongdoing that appears in the form of dissatisfaction with the other. Let us begin to act like beings of light and lovers of Christ Jesus, our beloved Lord, who with absolute simplicity and unquestioned clarity has told us to be perfect as we were created in the initial state at the beginning of times; to stumble not with worldly ideas of low quality, to stumble not with that pitfall that our minds put to us when we are questioning the other with our own defect of insecurity or dissatisfaction, that dissatisfaction that we want to eliminate making the times haste to separate ourselves from our duty of spiritual work determined by God for each one of us. Let us understand for once that the spiritual quality is forged with fight, with sweat and tears, with great effort and with great love towards all the beings that surround us in this material space. Let us remove our trifles, let us clean our hearts from doubt and questioning and undertake the way of return to home without any burden that crushes us, since our doubts and sins weigh in such a way, that if we do not leave them outside of us they will be as tons of burden on our backs and we will not be able to advance towards the presence of God. Throw away those pitfalls and, finally free, let us present with joy in front of our God, who loves you and has been dominated by our cause.

Let us repent of the bad actions and thoughts, let us make of our lives a sweet flow of love, in spite of all the difficulties that appear in the way of improvement. Let us make way to happiness, let us make way to the supreme consciousness; throw away from you the demons that do not let us progress. We will be blessed in a great way for the action and sacrifice that we do for this cause, let us fulfill with reverence our actions and acts of adoration and we will see soon in our lives superb reward. We will be beings that humbly will offer up our lives to a God of truth of light and love over all things, let us make of our souls clothes of dignity so when presenting ourselves in this form before the one who comes, we do not go unnoticed, since our suits will be really rich. Let us walk in temperance, do not fall in the cruel game of lie, let us put simplicity in our souls and we will find happiness and the plain way to the perfection we aspire as servants of the Lord.

Reverential peace.

A. & A.

October 27th, 1998


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