To foment virtues

Our beloved Lord has told us to foment our virtues so that our way gets easier and more bearable, because it is short the time that is left for Him to name us and call us to his presence. We know that we are in the way of the Christian truth and that every good devotee serves as good as possible to God. We hope that we all combine our hearts in one, so the spirit of God touches our souls and we are not indifferent to the pain and human needs.

Our Father wants us to mutually support on faith, on humanity, on humility. We must be like innocent children to please our Father; we must not allow bad thoughts to invade us; we must resist the temptations and the attacks of darkness; we must defend our position at any cost since it is so important to save our souls. As it is said in Psalm 91: “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” This means that we must pray and pray until the Father listens to us, because we know that there are beings that interfere on this wave or frequency of communication, not allowing our pleas to arrive at high. For that reason we must pray and raise our spirit making our life a temple where we must not allow the enemy to get in. Let us trust in Jesus and in his dignifying promises. He advises us to study the scriptures, to look for his message and to not let ourselves deceive. Only He is our light. He spilled his holy blood for us and we, although unworthy of being like Him, have the obligation to amend our faults and to follow his way. Let us shine then, with his love and his mercy. Let us love Him through our brothers, let us look with love at the humanity, so that through our glance there is a light of hope for those who are lost in the multitude of their sins. Let us trust our life, soul and heart to the beloved Christ and wait for the day in which He will come to raise our hearts before his presence. Let us praise him in thoughts, words and work, with love and reverence as it is proper of a good son to do.

Reverential peace.

A. & A.



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