Let us defend our souls

In cruel combat are the righteous against the iniquity of the world, which stubbornly attacks with ferocity to those who follow God and those who look for justice. We understand the difficulties of this way that make shake in anguish when seeing that many who are called get lost in the way, subjugated by the badness which is offered as a delicate attractive mouthful for evil. Let us wake up our consciousness once and for all so that we can clearly see the satanic machinations which are directed to everyone who want to follow God in a way of justice, uprightness and love.

 Let us be strong, let us be brave in the defense of our soul, because in spite of all the weakness of the man, our Father still thinks that he can be saved from this great iniquity and affront of evil. Let us collect the tasty fruits that our God gives us with kindness, giving us this opportunity to be happy in the eternal delivery of this sublime love which makes the spirit to renew, our intelligence to increase and all that has been created to improve. We have promises of that we will have that happiness, and much more, if we do the right thing and if we are upright and clean of heart. Holding on to faith we must make grow in our hearts the strong desire of improvement, to return to our heavenly home where we will find all our lacks of now and also our responsibility to share with our brothers the bliss promised by our beloved ones. Go on, fulfill the justice of God and to his Beloved Son. Remember that there are many changes.

 Be attentive, for we will see great things that will mark the ending of these times and pray to protect yourselves from those events.

 Hoping that your hearts open to these words, that meditation occupies your minds and that brotherhood is within you, we leave you with fraternal love.

 Reverential peace.

 A. & A.

6 November 2006.


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