Final showdown

The world has fallen in the last hour, in which beings will be defined according to their tendencies to face the final moment that will decide their salvation or destruction.

With real grief God looks at people, those creatures which He gave life with so much love and He sees, with real amazement, the capacity developed by these beings for transgress and exacerbate all of their defects and inner demons. We also see that, despite all the calls from different denominations, from different shapes and different sounds, alerting them to open this consciousness, that in sleep makes them lose the true meaning of life, they do not give importance to this wonderful gift.

We see with grief at the humanity in their aggressiveness, in their rancor, in their indolence for the brother. How sad it will be when we truly acknowledge all the evil that men had caused!, we will see with horror the great capacity for destruction developed by humans here on earth.

Let us meditate, let us make a big effort on not leaving this way which shows us the true path to salvation; let us understand from the depths of our souls, the great desire of God to help to elevate the spirits for the benefit of themselves; but, men have become selfish, not worrying about the pain or damage they cause to their brothers, because they only think what suits them in the material form and leave aside all of the things and promises of God that are the only way out of the torment that lies ahead for the beings who deny the presence of their Creator and forget his name and have no interest in communicating with Him.

Have confidence in the spiritual future. The being who perseveres and loves God with all of his heart has managed to find the way out of the hell that is coming. Humanity will be polarized, some will be for good and others for evil, and you, sons of God, that preserve your clothes clean, rise up with courage, with determination, with enthusiasm and joy, for you will meet our Father that is coming in glory and majesty to revive all of his sons who trust in Him.

A. & A.

March 7, 2010


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