The Great Privilege

Many of us have the great privilege of being Christians fulfilling God’s purpose to follow his Son Jesus; therefore, being in such exalted care, we must dignify this call received by grace.

 We all should be examples of light for those blind ones who seek a hand in the darkness of their lives. We know we must make great sacrifices to overcome the invisible enemy who stalks us at every moment, making us stumble in the vicissitudes of the daily life, making us doubt and err. But, as each day a Christian falls and rises, another is standing, making an effort to catch those souls who want to eat the bread of wisdom and nourish their spirit with it, to go to the help of those in need. The word of God is not hushed.

 Have patience and perseverance in the internal work where the struggle is hard and cruel and where we constantly get wounded with the aggression of our defects. We all know that the hardest battle takes place within ourselves and when we are victorious it makes us win a privileged position that, altough at the cost of sacrifices, it is worth of fighting. Let us not decline, let us love the others with more strength, let us open the understanding to the comprehension of all the beings, and that our behavior gets to be the mirror of our souls.

 We must be united as brothers and trust each other so our Father sees complacently that we have learned his lessons. Let us discover within us the infinite wisdom and we will achieve happiness, tranquility and the benefits that our beloved gives us every day without asking anything in return. Let us learn brothers, to love nature, to take care of every animal, plant and human beings, never to harm, even with thought, any of them.

 Let us pray for the blessing to our Father, to be worthy of being by his side someday.

 In reverential peace

A & A

March 12, 1995


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