The joy of sharing

In the joy of sharing love, comradeship and the wisdom that comes from above, we find the happiness of the spirit, feeling in our hearts the true love for humanity and for our fellowmen. I make this separation because our fellowmen is who is with us in the path of love of God, in the same faith; however humanity in general, represents the great number that is lost in the chaos of existence: let us pray every day for them.

We must praise the Lord with our heart, our mind and our spirit, remembering that He is in that first group of persons and that He himself sends his angels to assist us in our lives and in our studies. I urge at this moment to feel the communion of spirit with our older brother, Jesus, for He will guide us in everything we do. He expects from us the understanding, goodwill, and the true meaning of brotherhood. Jesus says to love, love, love one another, because in love it is found our wisdom and complacency of our beloved God who is waiting for us.

Let us feel deep inside us the presence of the Heavenly Father who delights in the virtuous actions. He will bring to all of us many blessings and a lot of peace for our soul, if we keep his commands. We must be aware of the great love that He gives us every day when accepting the sacrifice of his Son for our salvation. Let us be worthy today, renouncing to our negative state to make way for light, wisdom, discernment and specially the communion between our soul with God.

Our Father has great things reserved for us for the end of times. He will give us the signs that will make us stronger in this journey of pain and attacks of the enemy, but, with regard to this, the Word of God gives us peace because “Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.” (Revelation 1:3).

I want to remind you that our spirits are protected by our angels who accompany us and safeguard for all of us. They are in charge of leading us to the Father’s presence, so He gives us his approval on the path of spiritual ascent.

We must know that there are many places that are waiting for the obedient spirits who have fulfilled the Lord’s commandments. We must strive to progress, so that in a near day, we would be all together enjoying each other in healthy spiritual brotherhood, rejoicing at the presence of the Savior. There are glittering worlds specially prepared for the righteous people, places where there is not war, nor pain, sickness, pestilence, or lies. Our words and our speech do not represent the greatness of God in what will be the feeling of his loving presence that will render us speechless because of the emotion, love and spiritual bliss. Let us pray, asking to the Father protection, abundance and comradeship that we need so much in the daily life.

We must be strong in love and faith, so our enemy can not weaken us. Remember he is astute, subtle and persevering, he chooses any of our weaknesses to hinder our progress; let us be aware so he does not surprise us. Let us pray constantly and do not despair before adversity, let us instead fortify our character with it.

A, & A.

June 29, 1995


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