Let us be worthy of God

Speaking of times without times, we see that there is a void in the minds of humanity. These minds, dedicated to things without transcendence, eagerly seek to spend time in feasts and covens that will only bring, in the end of days, sadness and desolation.

Because of this, we urge our beloved brothers to make a thorough examination of conscience and to see the great generosity that God has for all of the beings who follow the steps of Jesus Christ, Son of God, who gives us his example so we may be worthy of reaching the Kingdom. The licentious man sees that, at the end of his party, he is in a tremendous void without anything to hold on to, not even a meager hope which may fill at some moment his heart or his mind with something that builds him up morally or spiritually. But the pious Man, the man who respects God, knowing that in a short time he will be assisted by his own Father, his Creator, the one that does not lie, the one that keeps his promises, to that righteous man, He gives the certainty that, at that near day, there will be in our hands all the happiness, pleasure and joy of a new life in which the enjoyment will be the keynote of this blessed hope.

Remember that there are wonderful ways to get close to our Father; this proximity makes us feel that immense joy which enchant us in a heavenly love that fills our souls with the great joy of being sheltered in those strong arms that protect us at every moment of our lives.

Remember with love those promises made to us a long time ago; it is the time for their fulfillment. Behold the beauty of the creation of God and feel in your hearts the desire to be in his presence. We ask you to love each other, to be good brothers, sincere, pure of mind and heart, to keep no stubbles of slander in your hearts, do not keep indifference, mockery and all those nefarious things to the brotherhood.

Let us be worthy sons of God.

Many people who pass through this world, often disvalue people or beings that are in this way of salvation; but you must say, is it wrong to teach goodness, righteousness, honor, gratitude and to love God? Is it wrong to ask beings to be worthy, truthful, respectful one to another, responsible in their work? Is it wrong to want to improve oneself in this darkness to become entities of light? We live in an injurious world where evil is seen as good and good is seen as evil; but, you dear brothers in Christ Jesus, stand firm to deliver your heart to God with complete cleanliness.

May these words find good reception in your minds and feelings.

Reverential peace.

A. & A.

November 6, 2011


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