Divine Mother

Let us pay homage to the Divine Mother who with her warm love accompanies us through our existence, freeing us from the rebellions of Satan. In Her warmth and mercy, we got hope, wisdom, temperance and all those gifts that generously give us the divinities and masters who accompany us.

Let us feel in our hearts the sweet tenderness of our Spiritual Mother and let us be carried along Her love, which is like a blue, green, yellow, purple or red flame, so it cover us in the sublime gift of wisdom and dispel from us the anger, angry, resentment, excessive ambition, lust and laziness, because these enemies pursue and beset us every day, to defeat us in any way and win a battle that we must not lose. Let us strengthen our will and our love to perfect us in the virtues and discard anything that disturbs us. Remember that there is someone who does not let us go up to achieve our rightful place, let us pray then, to our beautiful Mother, so with her sweet protection, She helps us to get to that place of eternal bliss.

Let us put our efforts on defeating and annihilating the enemy through the taught practices, so we can present ourselves pure and blameless before the presence of our loving God. Let us not confuse with ephemeral mirages; let us take the hands of our Savior and follow Him so He take us to the blessed place where we will be in peace, humanity and love.

Let us intertwine our hope with Her sweetness, and so, gently, without feeling the slightest fear, we will be fulfilling the yearned goal. Let us bathe our Spirit in the deep waters of repentance, let us rejoice with these achievements, let us laugh with true joy because the door is already open and the invitation is done. Let us fulfill the promises, honor every minute of our life, love every kind gesture and praise God with all our heart. Eat the fruit of hope so the light is finally made.


A. & A.




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