Every science, every art

While the inhabitants of the earth devote all their skills to vain and worldly things in order to get material things to feel more important and powerful, the sons of God work in the great celestial plan, where the fundamental principles prevail to put into practice the commandments that have been given to us with the aim of improving ourselves as beings chosen by our Father Jesus, who tells us: follow the path of righteousness, contemplation and adoration to our God, giving Him tribute, being diligent, generous, hard-working and persevering. Delve into the Scriptures for the wisdom that is found in it, from where comes every art, every science.

Let us learn to see the message in the gospel, which brings us the upright path of salvation, where we will get, as a reward, the eternal happiness, where those people who have lost their loved ones will find consolation, or those without great talent will find wisdom. Within this book that is the gospel, we will find everything we need to progress in this path of search.

The one who follows the Lord Jesus with diligence and love, will understand the designs and the plan of things created for the benefit of the man, and in addition, we will have the great advantage of being under his protection, because we can learn to be as He is, and to appreciate all those things He gives us in order to provide us a better passage through life.

We must get familiar with the things of God to accumulate the knowledge that will be useful for our final exam, when we will be asked about how much we have endeavored to learn the lessons left by the apostles.

The difficulties are not willing to wait, they appear whenever we are doing the right thing, because as you know, the enemy does not rest when the sons of God strive to obey the commandments of the Lord, that evil being puts great difficulties and sorrows for us, sometimes leaving us vacillating, when he overwhelms us with his attacks. Let us mutually cultivate our faith, and avoid all containment. This principle inspires us to do everything we can for the sake of each other with respect to the work of God on earth. Let us trust that whatever the Lord wants us to do, He prepares us and encourages to do it without delay.

Let us live since now on forward in a manner we can raise confidence in everyone whom we interact and meet, and treasure every particle of confidence that we manage to obtain as one of the most valuable properties that a mortal could possess when by his good works, he has been able to gain the trust of a friend or neighbor, and let us pray to never get to do anything that destroys it.

Reverential Peace

July 9, 1998
A. & A.


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