Forgotten words

When man turns his back on God and fills himself with pride, his path becomes rougher and more painful. Men have forgotten the word goodness, the word mercy and the word love. They wander, empty, poisonous, through the way of life, carrying the burden of their deepest miseries of which they will have to repent when the Lord comes in his magnificence and justice.

The few beings who love God above all things, will find progress and wisdom and will have the great privilege of being able to enjoy that dreamt glory, cherished for so long.

Look how poor men are now. Some rich men, in their spiritual misery, take possession of their vices, making mockery of the love of Christ and of the virtues God left in this world for man to become God.

But, look, see what men do. They just do evil and let themselves drive by those impure, demeaning feelings, where decency does no longer exist. Many righteous feel powerless before the impudence of unclean people, whose mouths have the daring to pronounce the sacred name of God. These people will be wiped off the face of the earth. Because of that, in this day that you praise Him with all your heart, you must be firm in the hope and purpose towards just one direction: in that light that will bring us salvation and that will reach our hearts, illuminating our consciousness, filling us with wisdom and with the certainty of not being wrong.

Let us glorify, day by day, the holy name of Jehovah for with his mercy He can cover us with his wings and set us free, to everyone who love Him, from the vileness and curses of Satan. Let us bloom springs in our hearts, let us seek calm, happiness, harmony and temperance in which we will find the lost happiness. Let us fully trust in the benevolence of God, for his love is inexhaustible when their children are obedient and loving.

Many people rebel against God’s request when they are asked for brotherhood and love, but they are so wrong, because they deny the opportunity to be protected and loved by their Father who is in heaven. Let our hearts glow with the love of Jesus Christ, for in his tender heart there is no grudge but only justice for the ending of time.

Let us always remember that love is the powerful weapon that destroys iniquity and removes every evil around us. Let us act in righteousness, let us eliminate our defects so in cleaning our house, we have a clean and bright space to receive the loving traveler that will bring us salvation.

Reverential peace. A. & A.

September 10,2006


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