Fruits of Obedience

Every time obedience shows up, we see that the word of God has fallen over good soil and its fruits produce good seeds, that when sowed, will improve in quality and will stabilize the harmony of those souls that strive to reach higher worlds and heavens. We understand that there are things that make us doubt and question the knowledge we have so far, but it is necessary to achieve those goals in order to determine the degree of dignity of each one of those who follow God and are willing to make Him place his eyes on those that with honesty, patience and devotion find joy in the sacred wait of the near meeting which we are so close to receive as a reward for the obedience that He has asked from us. Culminating the right time at the current conditions of the world, we must take care of our clothes, thoughts, sensations and feelings, because the spirit must be attentive to give charity, love, understanding and give the friendly hand of forgiveness and wisdom to the beings who, having lost, have found the correct path of salvation of a loving father who gives them this opportunity.

In the celestial writings immersed in the blue of the absent distance of the abstract mind of the individual, are those lessons which we are not being able to achieve yet, because of the conditions that exist in the world today. Many times we have heard so many words that perhaps the evangelical teaching always seems so similar and so present but when we remember those words in the silence of our minds, we will find wisdom in them, and when practicing them, we will be happy because of those things, that as hidden treasures, we find within our minds and hearts. We must take out the meanness, the ignorance, the intolerance from our lives and our hearts; we must put understanding, love, constancy and wisdom so our lives have meaning and are not a chaos in the final times.

Preach with example, through action and word to those souls around you, and with your loving vibration be able to change these souls or people, so they find a ray of light in their dark existence. Invite in silence all those lost souls that wander in the intolerable human world, where only discord and rancor are found in every step. Vibrate with strong glow. Bring some peace to this humankind. Dignify every moment of your lives, put prayer in your mouth, praising and glorifying the Almighty Savior. With great humility and perseverance we desire to be worthy to achieve the privilege of being in front of The One who opens the doors of our salvation.

With humility we reiterate: be humble, tender, loving and persevering.

Reverential Peace.

December 20, 1998
A. & A.


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