Raise your vibrations

You must understand the importance of being brave and hardworking in the path of incessant pursuit, because, in this quest, you will find the definition of your spirit; you must strive for that happy reencounter, so near. Do not despair, for the King is at the door. Remember that prayer is the most powerful weapon with which you can overcome all the obstacles that interpose you. Remember that when being in God’s grace, your vibration is raised thanks to the angels that surround you and that open the way so this communication can be effective.

Broaden your horizons, look at your future with plenitude, do not despair, do not fall in anguish, for God is always attentive to help you. Do not desist in the effort to be better every time. Bring to you that great love Christ offers you generously at every minute of your lives. Exercise your spirit, do not be miser, do not make this gift that was assigned to you so long ago, a gift to hide and bury, but instead give it strength and life so you can be true warriors of light in these darkness in which is immersed the humanity that is agonizing, twisted by the dark claws of Satan.

Achieve your longings, forge goals, make them to be clear and may goodness be always present in your life, so you can see that everything you do can be accomplished. Walk forward, do not go back, for you can fall into an abyss. Sharpen your sight, look at that path that, at its end, the bright light of the Loved is waiting to receive you in a warm and fraternal embrace, of which you can not imagine its goodness. Do not delay in gossip, in slovenliness or carelessness, because who perseveres, who is always aware, who is always willing to do God’s will, finds that his burden is lightened, that his footsteps are light and that everything flows around, because with this attitude, the perfect being of the spirit achieves to overcome the darkness that has surrounded him and your angels and archangels will surround you and safeguard you from every harm and evil. Remember that Satan lurks doing anything to damage you. May the material things be not an obstacle to your spiritual progress, because everything that Satan steals from you, the Father doubles it. We want you to feel in your hearts the warm love that your Redeemer feels for us, and we want you to know that He loves us and that hopefully that blood spilled for us, would not be in vain.

A & A. March 3, 2002


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