Soldiers of Christ


Satan wants to destroy all us Christians, he knows we are powerful and that if we react as we should, he will not be completely owner of the world nor the owner of all souls; he knows we are his enemies as we defend the universal sovereignty of God. Today he has grown with the evil energy of humanity and he is still growing more and more, while is also increasing his hunger to devour the souls of the same people that feed him with their iniquities.

Satan collects, just as in the case of Faust, the payment for his favors.

Involved in the traffic of the urgencies of life, sometimes we do not take with the proper intensity our relationship with God, with the group where we are to serve Him or with our neighbor, even with the closests, etc.

Now the devotee knows that the world is in grave spiritual danger, he realizes that the chances of falling have increased to make this time a continuous serious danger. Before this dangerous situation, recognized by Christian denominations, we must put a stop to our failures and defects, strengthen our will, our perseverance and protect ourselves with the Love of God and the love that we could radiate to our neighbor.

Sometimes love is a source of perplexity for some people, to whom is presented as something confusing, as a word without a more understandable meaning to them, as something vague, indeterminate, a nebulous of mixed feelings where meet roughly in the same proportions various feelings also unclear.

In this times of Kali-yuga the word love is increasingly related with lust.

If we want to keep ourselves apart from that idea and do not understand what love is or how we should love let us start respecting people, not making them suffer for any reason, having consideration to everyone or at least being well behaved with them; this last thing as the lowest expression of good relationships with others. But we will not be able to love if we are selfish, greedy, lustful, in other words, if we can not release ourselves from our defects; if we are so identified with our ego, so materialized with ourselves, that we do not perceive or do not care about the ego of the other. We must understand that to become better we must love our neighbor; if we say that we love God and do not love our neighbor we are hypocrite servants. God wants everyone to be an active (and humble) part in His Plan of Salvation, He wants everyone to help each other to progress spiritually so that many can return to the celestial abode. Therefore, to be worthy of sharing the privilege of working in the Plan of Salvation we must justify our spiritual curriculum vitae with which we present our application.

That justification is carried out in the elimination of our defects at the same time that we must be creating love inside us to, little by little, go up from a degree of love to another degree of greater love, so that in a time it comes to flow as a spring of powerful energy with which we could serve our neighbor according to our competence.

If we say that we are soldiers of Jesus we must remember that we are not to parade through the temples wearing our medals, but to fight, first within ourselves bringing death to the henchmen of Satan and then against Satan himself, whose action is manifested in various human activities from which governs the disharmony. With his negative and misleading force, he attacks from darkness, proposing tempting thoughts to us, but we must not yield, we must fight him and his henchmen guarding our feelings, words and actions that he could put into our hearts and minds to harm our neighbor. We have to fight him promoting love, which is the most powerful force that exists in the universe and the one before Satan falls defeated.

The good soldier of Christ loves without conditions or personal interests.

Love lets the light of God go into our hearts and with that there are no bad tendencies or dark corners.

We must be vigilant, alerts in the watchtower of our mind, first, to recognize from afar our spiritual enemy and second, to act with enthusiasm and goodwill towards the brother, developing brotherly love, looking for the right occasion to help him with joy, sincerity and honesty, without hidden motives.

And, in these difficult times, to live happily with peace of conscience, enjoying God’s creation… the one which is still not completely contaminated by man, who is also going to be held accountable to the tribunal for the damage done to this planet of wonders created by God’s own love for his beloved “image and likeness”.

Ramatis Zand


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