Attentive to changes

By the time chaos has invaded every creature, and every country, and every land, the righteous still cry out for mercy to be in dignity with the Supreme Divinity. These beings that walk by the painful path, which costs sometimes pain and tears, remain confident ahead, in prayer and communion with the Divine Spirit of God our Lord.

At this moment in which time has been fulfilled, and the wait is brief, we find the path watered by the tears of the souls who have not decided to find the love and mercy in the path of salvation. Be attentive to the changes that will go through very soon everyone who is waiting for this moment of salvation that has been offered so many occasions, beginning in heavens all those preparations that, with the grace of God, will be ready just at the moment in which the manifestation of God Almighty will be in every being who deserves this salvation.

Those who are in the middle of the learning will find in these times the love that will be given to them for their obedience and perseverance. You will clearly understand the plan that with love has been given to Mankind to be fully followed, as it has been asked so many times. There will be more in all activities; there will be more understanding in the same things of always.

In these recent times, justification is not recommended, because our lives are written on our foreheads. On it has been impregnated everything about our past on earth, complementing those things that with love have been given to us so many times, bringing into our lives the grace of salvation. Let us remember at every moment that we must affirm our faith, our trust in who leads us in order to put very soon our feet firmly on the holy places of the Divine promise.

Let us open the doors of consciousness and wait with patience and resignation the desired moment, in which we will see the great light of our Beloved Lord, entering by the skies and leaving impregnated our essence with His fragrance, light of chimeras from the present future.

In reverential peace.

A. & A.

July 4, 1999


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