Warriors of Light

In the passage of time where the man goes by, walking incessantly by the paths of life, his spirit looks with concern that encounter with God that he once craved. Today we see that many prople, very similar to this man, have sought refuge in different religions and places where the love of God is manifested, filling the souls of those who want to meet Him one day, to feel that eternal joy that is so longed at this time of pain. Behold, see how the man transgresses every kind of things, there is not the slightest respect for life, for the love of family, for the beings of this earth. It is sad to see how men destroy themselves despite the insistent calls of angels and masters.

Men, let us clear our conscience, look at how this earth is regreting having us over it, for we have only brought destruction over all the things created with so much love for us!

Let us turn our eyes to the heavens where we can scrutinize the time, longing for the coming of that warrior prince who will come to rescue everyone who with sincere repentance wants to return to the fold and strive very hard to meet face to face with the Beloved.

Warriors of light, wield your swords and come out to fight the evil, brandish your swords, threat the enemy, live in righteousness and justice until our Beloved Lord comes to judge us. Let us clean our hearts, our feelings and attract to us all the things that have been given to us with so much love. Let us begin steadily the rising to the top where is waiting for us the eternal joy in the encounter with our beloved Lord, who joyfully will receive us if we can reach that goal. Remember, the times are fierce, the evil is unleashed, everything in which we believed, everything is contaminated. Let us pray to our God with all our heart so that our prayers are heard as soft melodies in the ears of our God. Praise Him daily and wait with devotion that sacred moment in wich you will be collected by your Beloved Lord.

Reverential peace.

A. & A.

February 8, 2010


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