Bubbles of Light


• The thorns were girded painfully on his head; what tremendous sins he had to wash with his ​​blood already poured down from his face and his chest. Look at the sky, what have they done!, they have crucified him again.

• Over manure and rotting earth, today in my garden has grown a white lily: What prodigy is in the soul that from the dirty soil, it wounded rises up!

• Come and let us sing praises to the Lord, look at the blue sounds of his creation, listen the pulsating rhythm of his sacred heart, light in your chest the burning flame of his love.

• What is the soul my friend?. Do you hear the chirping of birds?, Where does that sound come from?. Search, search in yourself the answer, for the soul awaits you to feel it to live with you forever.

• Wherever you go I want to go behind you, by paths that may take me soon into the light. And in your light and in your look I want to melt in the great bonfire of your love.

• Christ, my Lord, I do not want to waste more time regretting having offended you; give me all my days to love you.

• Illuminate the infernal spaces with the surprising attack of light, break in the shadows with the light of the lamps of souls, go, advance, conquer the territory of shadows, release the being chained by the beast, lift up against the evil with the love of your souls.

• With the bleeding feet full of dust from the road, walks the solitary pilgrim dejected by the pain of life. On each pebble that hurts his sole, he just feels that the soul is missing.

• Jumping notes from leaf to leaf the dew has wet me, so fresh, blue and beautiful is the water that has refreshed my soul!.

• Celestial sounds emerge from heaven, the angels sing that a chosen one has returned; have you repented?: the door opens, go into your nest.

• Evoking that nonexistent past, today I have inside me the warmth of your voice; memories and ravings come to my mind… How could God be in there, if I am so absent?

By A. & A.


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