Completing the cycle of this era

The complacency of the Father when seeing the pious acts of His devotees is of great merit for those who take on themselves this responsibility. Let us listen attentively the shout of joy that comes from the spirit when we act correctly on the path of redemption. We hear that voice when we are pleased to complete another day of hope for those who come to satisfy their great need for waters of spiritual life in the sources and springs that the universal church of Christ has to purify and strengthen the souls of every devotee.

In these days, that are so narrow, humanity lacks the love and understanding for dealing with spiritual issues that will serve as tools for the path that it has to follow when the call becomes urgent and we begin to understand those things that seemed so distant and that only in a blink of an eye we will be able to see close and immediate. Completing the cycle of this era, we enter into spiritual activity, in which we know that we must move forward, that we can not descend, for he who has achieved enough progress must be careful to not jettison everything he has gained: these are times of preserving the spiritual goods. The covenants we have undertaken have not been agreed with the man but directly with the Savior from which emanates the eternal wisdom and the great love for the beings, that with effort, have walked by this path of the truth and realization as unique and beautiful persons in the light of God.

Our older brothers advise us that we must continue making efforts in this path that sometimes is tough, troubled, that causes opposition and sometimes also is presented a bit convoluted for those persons who do not clearly understand the warning they give us to indicate the correct entrance. Brethren, let us walk together spiritually, let us raise our eyes to the heaven, do not lose hope, do not lose courage even in these difficult times. Let us start each new day with canticles, with prayer, with those things that are pleasant to the Lord so we may be protected from the enemy ambushes which make us and will make us deceptive offers and will tempt us with deceptive pretenses so we desist from this path. Let us pray, brethren, for the suffering humanity, for the indolent, for the presumptuous, for the greedy, so their consciousness is opened and can get into them the light of hope that they wanted to know even at the end of the way. We urge our brethren to be reverent, pure of soul and heart and devoted sons of God, so that, wearing garments of light, we can present ourselves before the Father with the dignity that He asks to their children.

Reverential Peace.

A. & A.

September 13, 1998


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