Empty dwellings

When the Man transgresses the laws of Jehovah in his heart, he becomes embittered because only misery and sadness devastate his life when he gets away from the only hope that he has for eternal life. When man moves away his heart, thoughts and works from the great cause God gave for salvation, a great suffering is formed where everything is adverse, hard and cruel.

Despite of these transgressions, in His infinite goodness, God pours his mercy on the just and on the unjust because He is a God of love and mercy, but beware, when He selects the souls that are really interested in salvation, He puts aside those who have turned their face towards evil. So brothers be diligent, tender and loving, obey the trumpet ring God is giving to mankind for their repentance.

Walk with strength, without stumbling, go in straight way, pray daily, raise those spiritual fruits to your Almighty God who deserves this and much more, because if you look around you, everything what you are and have is because of Him. Look at those who do not participate in the things of God, how frivolous and empty are their lives, with nothing to cling on, without any support for those poor lives empty of spirit and love. When we see these beings and we talk to them, we see hollow dwellings where nothing can fructify, where there is nothing to say, because the word is sterile and the fruit is vain on these people that are only dazzle by the momentary pleasures of a corrupt world full of sin, lust, anger and evil. Let us ponder then, on the thoughts of God, of his great love of his desire that everyone return to the primordial source where only joy, rejoicing, friendship and spiritual complacency will be waiting to fulfill and quench the thirst for justice, forgiveness, charity and all the virtues that God has saved for us as a gift for our great rest and eternal happiness.

How long has become this ending of times, but the time is already set and only is left the wait for the signal to fall over mankind, because everything has already been done and only the human being must decide by his will if he does that effort that many times has been asked for his own good. If it is not of his choice, he will see the grave consequences that he should confront and at the end of the moment when the horror, fear and despair devastate the world, it will be too late to make the correct decision. Therefore it is necessary that the just man make the most of this call which will open you the door to this path where God waits anxiously for His sons, that may count on the heavenly treasures, the divine gifts so often promised. Look at the world how it falls day by day in the most awful degradation. Think, meditate on what has been given to you, what do you want? Where do you want to go? The Almighty God lets us choose in this final times to make our lives a bulwark for our immediate future where we will find the spiritual riches unimagined by the human being.

Beware, be attentive, get informed, look at the skies, pray, give tribute to the one who gives you life, obey as good children, be fair, loving and kind, be a lamp and light of the path so others could also participate in these loving gifts where only is given to them the opportunity to love, to grow spiritually and to reach an amazing way without any kind of defects or treasons, but with an open, clean and pure heart to be blessed in the name of the Lord.

With the love of always, reverential peace.

A. & A.

March 1, 2009


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