Flattery, Pride and Vanity

When the man as a mortal being, is in a self-improvement position, he must not let enter in himself the impurity of vanity, pride and false personality. We must be aware, each one of us, that we are perishable beings to any eventuality or argumentation from the environment, saturated by evil, for being surrounded by influences. The influences of the outside in our inside, sometimes make us feel superior in the actions of the moments, where exalted by flattery, we let ourselves seduce by the air of superiority towards those around us.

Those who are in this path, must be people of high thoughts and humble acting, because with humility it is possible to reach in front of the Creator.

The defect of pride hardens our character, making us impervious to the benefits offered by our fellowmen, and creating a sense of sufficiency, it is like saying; “I deserve the love gifts of others”, and also feeling always worthy and deserving (although really unworthy) of the divine gifts. This attitude distances us from them.

Pride, vanity, resentment, insensitivity and intransigence, are defects that make masters and wise men to regress, because flattery and external glare for the knowledge of the being who owns it, make the erudite, full of vanity, to devoid of merit before the Father.

With these words we want to address all the people of good will so they ponder, so they make a call to their internal consciousness and purify their actions, purify also their feelings, their requests and their requirements, so they put within their selves and their hearts the generosity, understanding, humility, and sensitivity to the difficulties of the others and of their own, from which we are always being attacked by our egos; bitter enemies that do not leave us in peace or harmony with our heavenly spirit.

Let us open that real consciousness so we can flow as transcendent beings. Let us make the conscience speak to our hearts so the perfect wisdom reveals through our words and actions.

Wisdom must be accompanied by understanding, kindness, sense of fellowship and good will. Understanding towards humanity is the motto of the Universal Brotherly Love of the new era of this century.

Reverential Peace

A. & A.

October 15, 1997


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