Let us decide for God

Oh Lord, our Redeemer!, forgive, God, our sins, forgive our living and our dead people, so they can find the true path of salvation. We ask you that our dead, both physically and spiritually, as well as the living ones, might be judged according to your law and your mercy. But, the living people, who must be attentive to your mercy, they must be fully awake so they can understand Your grace, Your glory and Your mercy, Lord. In this day, in which another time of this earth is ending, we ask the beings that follow Christ Jesus to pay attention to their attitude, to their way of doing and thinking, so nothing unpleasant to the eyes of the Creator occurs.

Be confident, patient, and perseverant.

The road has had an end already, until here we have come, those who do not want to go forward, be clear and say it so they are brought to the place they belong; to the infra-dimensions, where they are exposed to the warnings of Satan. If you are a diligent, astute, intelligent beign and that follow Christ, you will opt for the higher laws that are of the spirit in freedom, which can be with no law of man, with no strings attached, subject and exposed to the harmful things that man has created, but, those laws free of all of this, are arranged for when the being is prepared to emerge spiritually, to elevate and transgress the satanic laws and to go out to the light of God, which will illuminate him to show the salvation path. If you do not understand, we are willing to help you find the way that only a few will find and that many will lose, because it is a narrow and fragile path, which will bring you to the eternal life and you will be leading nations and peoples to do the good between the beings that are showing the primordial exit of God, which has been promised they will obtain according to their perseverance, constancy, tenacity, mercy and love. If these qualities are not present in these people God is looking for, then we have said nothing and we just leave these things to chance and causation.

So be it,

by A. & A.

December 27, 2009


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