The abyss of time


In the darkness of the deep abyss of the time of the end, where mankind has made scorn of all the things God gave them to progress in spirit and in flesh, man has rejected virtues, has rejected the commandments God gave them for their guidance and for their exaltation. These commandments God handed to Moses in ancient times are still valid for those who believe in God and for those who follow his word. It is the time then, to respect our neighbor, to love one another, and to avoid falling into the intense vortex of the evil of the world where there is not a single sign of repentance left in those who, unrestrained, look for, bordering madness, the most dirty, the most perverterted and the most despicables pleasures man can invent already far from his quality of a being created by God.

We must respect ourselves as divine creations made for a divine plan, to be able to do all those things that were arranged from the beginning of the earth.

Let us remember that according to our obedience we will be judged, according to our steps we will be heard. Woe unto the one who wants to fool God with flattering words!, for this being will fall strucked down by the divine wrath, because God can not be deceived. Brandish the sword of love, whose magnificent edge defeats all evil, remember that love is the best warrior, it is the best defense that light beings could have to be in the grace of the Creator, for his delight.

When we see these last signs that will happen soon, you must be ready with your soul on high for what is to come. Remember with joy those days in which you were created to give the glory to God and to create on this earth the beautiful garden from which you will rejoice there in heavens when you are brought back to home in the sincere and deep love that only God can give us.

In reverential peace.

A. & A.

May 1, 2005



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