The best effort

Awaiting the time of completion of all the divine plans, man still refuses to do his best effort to become a faithful son of God. Let us constantly remember that all the things that have been asked to us are for our own benefit, for example, we have been asked for brotherhood, love, union, benevolence, constancy to enter the path that leads to eternal life. Do you think that all these things are accomplished by sitting comfortably waiting for them to arrive? No brothers.

All of this is achieved by doing a great work of will, by the effort involved in bringing to oneself the best feelings for each person that gets to understand that everything is achieved by will and by the real desire to change. We must tell you that love is achieved by feeling love, striving to be nice, to be sincere, to be loving, to be worthy before the eyes of God. To accomplish this, we must make an effort and it is not a favor you do, but it is our duty, as God wants his children to be loving and united and persevering in the spiritual way. Let us remember that we must reach a hand to our fallen brother, not with criticism but with words of encouragement so he can get up again and move on. We must be discreet, diligent, this way we will get those glories in heaven. We know that with effort all these things are achieved, and the reward will be that we will be in dignity for the final meeting in which each one of us will be called by his name and we will be looked directly into our spirits where we will find the beautiful fruits of this effort that will please our Father which is in heaven. Beware of the evil speakings of the wicked, of the perversions of the world, of the subtleties of Satan, do not fall, instead, lift up your spirits so your God, which is in heaven, looks with pleasure and do not get disappointed in his creation, which He faithfully loves until this ending. Remember all those things said to us before, since they are true. In them there have been impregnated the best wishes of this good news of salvation for the one who follows his God with all his heart. Let us remember that, in this small sphere, we must hold firmly our love and trust in that wonderful being that nailed his life to a tree for giving you eternal life. Let these things be done fully, so we can enjoy together the eternal benefit in the infinite goodness of our Beloved Creator. Keep working, keep moving forward, do not get tired, for the path is short.

Hoping that joy, peace and brotherhood are always among you, we leave you in reverential peace.

A. & A.



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