The Good God and the Evil God

[Extract from the book “El Mágico Encuentro”]

There was a time, in a distant universe, where there were a good god and an evil god. The good god sowed stars in the spaces, planets and galaxies, and in all of them, seas, rivers, mountains, deserts, trees and flowers, beings and essences, divine pleasures and smiles. Everything germinated towards the heavens.

The evil god was infuriated with all of that and growled perverse sounds of destruction. One day, the evil god threw his shadows against the light, sadness over joy, his hosts of pain against the divine joys.

The worlds darken.

And the trees and flowers were dying, languishing love and the smiles; the lights flickered. The good god was struggling to make beautiful plants to germinate, to illuminate with new rainbows, to make the water sing between the rocks, but all of this also died from so much evil. The seas were drying, animals were fighting themselves, men were killing each other, the planets were shaking.

And the good god was crying and the evil god was laughing. The planets were dying, the stars were fading and the galaxies were falling into voids.

The good god was suffering and the evil god was laughing from the wounds in which the soul of that suffered beset by so much harm that to his worlds was afflicted.

Desolated, the good god turned away forever from that universe.

And thus, destroying the created, the evil god was left with his victorious armies, but, his evil is so great, that his own armies destroyed as well.

Left alone, reigning with his shadow, a black empty space.

“Do not destroy anything that you can not do better.”

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