White Raiments

Through the words of our Lord Jesus Christ we find those gifts of love for the men of good will that do want to follow the steps of this magnificent being, God, who comes now to collect his people and, with great love, He asks us to persevere, to do not let mistrust, uncertainty or discouragement to obfuscate our purposes, which must be those that were proposed when we met the path that leads us to this goal of incomparable happiness. We must make a supreme effort to separate from our lives, all those adverse feelings that we could still keep in our hearts, which must not hurt us anymore, since when having them, we cause our masters to not be able to help us as we need. It is necessary then, that once and for all, we change our position on these negative attitudes that the world is showing more and more every day. With sadness, we see that man has destroyed the Plan of Salvation that God created for everyone, but you, clean and beautiful wheat, rejoice, since God is with you. Let us make our works to be pleasant to Him, to reach all those goals God has set for us for the progress, recovery of the spiritual freedom and everything that regards to the love and mercy of our Father.

In these times, dear brothers, dear sisters, when pain, death and pestilence will embrace the world, making it suffer to death, will come the ray of light that will make advance those who bear the light in their heart. We will know in our spirits, when the angel arrives and touches us, protecting us from all wiles. As we told you previously, you must pray to guard your souls and your bodies from this horrific destruction. We do not want that with these words your heart gets full of grief, but rather, that you transform this feeling, changing it to rejoicing, since you have been called to enter the path of love and mercy; we know it is difficult, but we must concentrate our mind in all the things of God, having confidence, because our guardian angel, our archangel Michael, are doing everything possible to preserve us from the infinite evil of the malign.

Let us destroy everything that is negative, let us place light and hope in our lives, since after this great darkness, the light of the Lord will shine and that joy will be enacted in our hearts forever.

The love of God is with us, our prayers are heard, and we know that all those good actions that cost us so much to do, are considered for the end of this time. Dress, brothers, with white raiments, shine, raise your voice in prayer to heaven and wait confident and happy with the joy of God in your hearts the moment you will be called to serve in this Plan of love to your brothers.

Reverential Peace.

A. & A.

November 3, 2000


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