Let us renew our covenants

With joy in their hearts, men who worship God, congregate to praise and bless his name, waiting with faith and hope, all the goodness that emanate from Him to the righteous beings who observe the laws that were given in the times of Moses. These commandments that are lost in oblivion are the main basis for the salvation of the righteous man. Only a few persons remember these principles that are the main basis for a good living, for a good acting and for a good death. If man opened his consciousness and through justice and perseverance toward the divine commandments, and strives in these things, everything would be so easy, but the immoderate, erotic and lascivious world roars like a big beast devouring at its passage all those who are subjugated by its flattering cries, causing dissatisfaction to overwhelm their lives. And thus, making them an easy prey for its great carnival of destruction and degradation, they are taken to the depths of perdition.

This is why so many times, insistently, we have talked about seeking the path, about attracting those things of great benefit for the man, but most look with disdain this prodigious offer which opens to all those who desire to achieve these promises that will not be changed, since God is fair, true and eternally conscious of his word and his love for humanity. Now, when man makes his covenants with God, he must take care of his life and action before the world and before God, as if they were a divine action performed at every moment of his life to be able to dazzle in any way this noble, this consort which is waiting for those who love Him, giving them this great and wonderful opportunity of a salvation, where they will find eternal life.

Let us rejoice then, in this day, when we renew our covenants and repent if we have transgressed the laws of God. Let us make an act of conscience, let us ask for forgiveness and continue forward with great strength, fighting with the sword of justice and faith all the negative actions that may cross in our path and that can make us stumble, fall and get lost in this ending time of the world. Let us give thanks every day, let us ask forgiveness for our defects, let us bring to us the joy of prayer, the communion with God and also let us cultivate the hope of that everything that was said long time ago will become a reality now, in this ending of endings. Lovingly let us embrace the Lamb of God so, infected by his love, we are confident until the end of days.

Reverential peace,

May 6, 2007

A. & A.


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