Our inner jailers

Discovering within everything that surrounds us and bring us irremediably to chaos, we see with horror that the man is not owner of his person or anything of what he believed.

This poor being called “man”, is hidden deeply inside of himself, that is to say, more than hidden, prisoner of all his defects, which torment him in the different existing forms in this earthly space.

When the being who we all have inside achieves to become present in the outer space, we have obtained a step of perfection.

Let us explain then, the situation in which is the majority of the human beings. Our great defects that we carry along with us are the most implacable jailers, which take us to a state of imperfection by the identification with these invisible beings that convince us with seductive mental scenes, giving us a misleading perspective. The defect that imprisons our being or essence presents itself in a state that we can define when we analyze our behavior. We normally yield before its suggestion or before its suggestive presence. This invisible being acts by stimulating some sensorial or sensual sense, according to the case. At certain moment we must know that some of the difficulties that we have, are caused by our defects.

We have many defects surrounding our self, generally the defect of lust leads us to fornicate, causing an imbalance in the man and a fatal chaos in the woman. This invisible being appears at a party, in the street, in a minibus or in the cinema by means of the films, etc., it is the cause of the biggest crimes and violations in the history. If we recognize this being inside us and we understand it properly, in other words, if we understand what it is, how and why it damages us, we will be able to free ourselves from these states that dominate us, often anguished by not being able to satisfy them when it demands so.

These beings use our minds to represent lascivious and erotic scenes, provoking in the individual the necessity of obtaining what it is proposed to him, for which it will take as vehicle our motor center, then the initiative and then stimulating our sexual organs. Thus, the feeling and the sensation that characterizes any defect, in this case lust, is identified with the defect (lust) of the other person, forming a bond of attraction always badly called love.

Our body is just like a jail with criminals of every nature. There are techniques to get rid of these so dangerous beings that some call defects, ego, personality, etc. We must put attention to our conscience, which is always calling with its tender voice so that we ourselves get rid of these beings that must be eliminated. We must remember that where a defect is born, a door towards the abyss is opened, and where a defect dies, a virtue is born. In this way we fortify our self and we can be free for someday get to be part of a better life, full of joy and spiritual satisfactions.

We must consider that these enemies of ours are the causes of our great anguishes and misfortunes. They, at any occasion, take control over us, leaving us without alternative because we do not recognize their way of acting. Let us be astute and put attention to the call of conscience. Let us remember that the worse murderer has also a good moment, that is to say, of remorse or spiritual state. Some people say that there is no man who is totally evil, and we can verify it. It is clear that, when we do not know against who and how we must fight, more mistakes are committed.

When defining sex as a dangerous instrument in the mentioned case, we see that, in general, it is the cause of many misfortunes, but if we know how to handle it properly, we will obtain a balance that will allow us to be complete persons.

In these modern times, it is given all kinds of guides or techniques to fornicate and to saturate the mind with grotesque and degrading things, this way we satisfy our greatest ego and we can descend to the abyss, losing spiritual field by the way in which we habitually use sex. Why do we make emphasis on this?, because every tragedy begins with sex. And this is because, in the situations in which we are, if we are self-observing us, we will notice that it is the sex that is stimulated to move our motor centers that will make the ego obtain what it desires.

Let us consider this example: a young man looks lasciviously at a girl, his conscience tells him that what he wants to do is wrong, but his ego urges him to follow this lady, to besiege her and to get his objective, forcing a situation that will lead him to commit the crime of rape.

Another example is the case of a woman, whose husband cheated on her. When she discovers such behavior, the ego of lust taken by hand with the ego of wrath, appears and originates a drama, sometimes unfixable, as much in the case of the man as in the one of the woman.

Let us begin then, to observe our way of being, to control our mind and our acting and to try to dominate, with our souls, those negative impulses that close the door of freedom for us.

Reverential peace

A. & A.


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