The righteous has not to fear

The earth, devastated by the evil impact, cries the distress of seeing beings that pass crestfallen, full of sorrow, regreting their sins and other people’s sins, by which they will be judged in the short term.

Woe to these beings that unmoving see with a lot of indifference the planet’s destruction and the souls’s destruction from whom inhabit it! Satan has set traps and deceptive enticements to those who follow God, so they get lost and fall into his devouring jaws. Thus, it is time to open the eyes. Wake up, open your soul, open your intelligence. Look around you, all men suffer discontent, everyone is suffering from spiritual misery, but, those who are nourished by the living water of wisdom, rejoice in the teachings of God, who offers you eternal life, when fulfilling his commandments which serve the man to achieve balance, happiness and eternal life. Now consider, how easy is to follow God, the one that generously gave us the possibility to overcome the current state of our soul to reach that bright light that invites us to the divine joy of bliss with the loving Father, giving us this great opportunity to be at His service and to be happy in its compliance. Remember how many times we have been requested to make this great effort of leaving behind these threadbare clothes and put on our best fineries to present ourselves at His wonderful presence.

Enthusiastically let us clamour to God, let us give Him thanks, let us make of our lives a little Eden in our spaces and that the main guest is His Son Jesus, who so generously gave us his life demonstrating that love that we must make flourish in our hearts, giving us the opportunity to increase our faith, our hope, our success in all those promised things. Therefore, let us offer Him every step that brings us closer to the great gift that our Father has prepared for us. Let us fulfill what we promise, let us be diligent, loving, generous, feel compassion for the fallen, mourn with the afflicted, and pray to God for all those people who are seeking Him without knowing how to please Him, so we can be that lighted lamp for them to not get lost. Let us praise the name of God at every moment, do not forget Him because He wil sanctify our soul and will preserve us from all evil, if our spirit is rejoicing with God, we will lack nothing. Have faith and hope since everything that has been said will be fulfilled. Let us make merit doing the Father’s will. The sincere and grateful prayer must be permanently on our lips; remember that the end is imminent and that only God will rid us from all evil.

In reverential peace.

January 4, 2009


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