Fruitful sacrifice

At an accelerated pace, humanity hastens their walk at the ending of the ultimate time. It is typical of men to feel loneliness, depression, sadness in these last days, because in being transgressors of the laws of God, there is no peace in their hearts that could give that sweet calm, that inner joy we feel when we have achieved the indicated goals. Therefore, let us walk, those of us who are in this wonderful path, with firm steps, with joy in our hearts, with hope, since our sacrifice will yield fruit and we will be happy to see the face of who gave his life for us.

Let us make that effort so requested, of fixing in our hearts, in our minds and our feelings, the benefits God has promised us and that He will fulfill, without doubt, very soon. Reconsider, let us look inside us, let us extend our hands and offer them to those who are in despair.

Let us complete our cycles, keep our promises, let us be as the one who gave us that wonderful example of constancy, love and mercy. Let us put all our efforts to be happy in our limited world. Let us joyfully look the faces of those who learn the word of God and see through that light, that emanates from the desire to change, the strength to undertake that journey we yearn so much, and that is so close.

Look at the men walking dejected, anguished, tired and weary, without hope, since they do not want to commit to those who follow Christ and thus they go by the easy path where there is expecting a huge carnival for them, but, at the end, with horror, they will see how their lives succumb to the incredible evil of this perverse being that oppresses with his claws to so much humanity. Let us inspire our spirit, elevate prayers and songs of love and gratitude for our Father who is in heaven and make our lives a living example for those who are watching us every day in this passing of time.

In reverential peace

A. & A.

November 7th, 2009


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