The beginning of the end

In this beginning of the end, we address you with the aim of opening your consciousness and your desire to follow God with your entire heart, feeling and intention. When we make a decision we must do it firmly, with conviction and enthusiasm. God is watching those who are looking eagerly to get to that place where they will be presented at the great feast of the marriage of the Lamb.

Let us begin to walk with a heart willing to surrender all those things that have been asked to you so many times. Remember, brothers, that the time is now, there is nothing else to do: just to wait for your decisions. When the man gets to find his balance, he will understand the things that God has prepared for making a radical change in all those people who sincerely want to transform their lives into something beautiful and lasting. When we speak about something lasting, we are referring to eternal life, no less. Complete your teachings so you can be in the dignity that is needed to understand and resolve all the conflicts this material world presents.

Remember, we must leave behind all the impurities, all of our falseness, all of our deceptions that Satan makes us day by day. Carry out your work diligently and keep your promises, because there is always someone watching what you do. Understand that the time is given, that there is nothing more to do but to wait for the time when the veil is drawed back and the light gets to purify all the souls that are in the path of truth and eternal life. Repress your negative impulses. Stifle them; exterminate them, so they can not make you stumble. Walk with firm steps; do not listen the flattering or the heretic one but, rather, listen the righteous, the one who loves God, the one who has hope for a better life. The person who invites you to love God, this one is your friend, but, who invites you to go out partying, where it is full of lechery, you must run away from him, because in being with him, you will only lose the traveled path. Remember that we love you, remember how much you have been told, find the good in every thing of the life, because the time is now, nothing else remains, everything is said, we only hope that your decision is firm, that you do not do transgressions in the last minute. Be fair, wise, loving. Love your neighbor, search the scriptures, look at the sky, wait with patience, with tenacity, the day when the skies will open to make way to the Creator who comes in glory and majesty to look for his people.

Remember how many times you have been called, do not make your God wait, do not delay, go ahead with your head held high. Look at the creation of God, care for everything around you, be examples of light for those who abhor God, amend your wrong steps and make paths of justice. Convert into orchards full of hope for the end of these times that are already waiting to get into action.

Love your God with all your heart, honor Him every day, pray without ceasing, wash your souls with pure thoughts, remember the promise you have done and do not fail Him.

In reverential peace,

A. & A.

January 3, 2010


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