To find that clean path

Running in the maelstrom of life, man shortens his days, filling them with wickedness and bad intentions. That is why, already finished the time and with no hope of repentance, the evil men, with hearts hardened by pride and wickedness, making mockery of the helpless, of the poor and of the hungry, will find their punishment.

Let us look fixedly and prepare that way we have traced to someday get to find a clean path full of light, mercy and hope, which we have to find with the love of our hearts and the thought put on God.

Let us bring to us all those pure feelings that once we had, and that we have let in oblivion by laziness, by the uneasiness that accompanies us every day in this life. Let us make that effort so important to find the certainty that God will be happy when He sees the repentant man filling his heart with love, putting at his feet the precious jewels of the virtues collected in the painful walk through this world. Expiring the times, let us be persistent in faith, loving as human beings, intelligent, of good saying, and good thinking so we not repent later of having been wrong and setting aside those gifts promised so long ago. The prayer with sincerity and love is heard by all our masters and guides and transported to the highest of the heavens so the Father can see how loving and obedient are the children of God who love Him closely. Let us embrace hope, because Christ, by his great mercy, has done already the pacts to save the humanity that is willing. Let us raise our hearts and enjoy the love of God making an oasis in our homes and workplaces where we can talk and bless the merciful work of God. Let us always remember that we are sons of God and as such we must be worthy in front of blasphemers and the ones who cause us opprobrium. Let us hold on tightly to the word of God, which never passes and never gets lost, and all wisdom will come to the man when obedience and love reign in their hearts.

In reverential peace.

A. & A.

August 6th, 2006


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