Torrent of living water

At this stage of the end, where men, blinded by lust and the lack of love, fall into the depths of the spiritual abyss, they look at those who follow God with contempt and derision, feeling free, but in their poverty of mind and spirit, they ignore the wealth that is offered to them and they discard it. Therefore us, the ones who know the greatness of God and of his generous disposition to help that He gives us every day, giving us this great, wonderful love, filled with spiritual gifts, giving us a way out of this end, while the man makes fall into destruction, we feel that He fills us with his love and assistance, spilling it over us like a torrent of clear water, bathing us with his mercy.

Dear brothers, let us make a big effort so we can conquer this divine place where we can share together this beautiful gift given to us by our Heavenly Father. Do not let this opportunity get away, pray with all your heart, feel his love in your spirit, clamour your needs so you receive assistance. Delight in this overwhelming feeling that comes from the chest when we feel his presence.

Let us do good, do not fall into selfishness. Love one another as Christ loved you. Feel compassion for the blind in spirit, renew your covenants. Always show your face and spirit shining when you speak in his name, because you will feel his goodness in every minute of your lives. Reached the time to reconsider, let us invoke his presence with all our hearts so when the time of anguish arrives, our strength is reinforced in the loving lap of his love. Let us share our dreams of love and mercy, let us be generous in word and deed, and the heavenly riches will come to us, giving us everything we need and every desire will come in its proper time and the rest will be more refreshing when our spirits join the love of our Lord who links us to heaven and offers his saving and transformative influence over those around Him.

Reverential Peace.

A. & A.

August 2nd, 2009


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