Free souls or slave devotees?

When the man is subject to the whims of men, religion becomes a yoke; but, when religion is directed by God himself, it is a pleasure to follow. Moreover, when men impose a dictatorial system and hold to those rules, these become the shackles where those creatures who want to serve God get caught like preys of hunting.

The man, with the ambition to subdue the others, with the ambition of power, uses God as a weapon to catch those that, in solitary spiritual search, look for some shelter to get closer to the Creator. Therefore, the man must seek God free from being imposed with any brand, because God created all mankind, not just some of them. Anyone who deeply repents, who finds justice in the word of God and observe the rules God imposed, that being would be free of being exterminated in the ending of times.

We can not pretend that all the beings follow God because anyone, with a little intellectual power, realizes that there are those who have the desire to change and others that, in a lukewarm attitude, follow herds with tags, only for the sake of appearances. There are also other beings who abhor God through drugs, alcohol, perversion, adultery and incest. All these beings deserve that God turns his back on them for having transgressed the moral laws God gave them in the ten commandments the day Moses was on the mountain. We know that God is jealous, apart from being just and loving, but his patience should be put in the place of justice to be able to judge this humanity that has turned its back to the incessant calls that, via many voices, are inviting to salvation.

Let us listen and join to the armies of God; the church of Christ.

A. & A.


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