Resplendent souls

The devotees of God and of his Son Jesus Christ are astonished by the course of events humanity has had in these last times. The abominable being who reigns among the beings of this earth has caused such degradation, destruction over the entire planet, that no one dares to even think about an ending as the one told in the book of Revelation.

Have you felt in your hearts the necessity to tightly cling to your Creator? Have you done a clear examination of your conscience with your purposes? Have you?; then, if so, we will tell you: join with God with joy, trust and love, because we know, from his Word, that He loves you and blesses you for making this decision, since your souls that have been chosen for salvation must be resplendent, beautiful, pure and brave as that day when they were created. May your thoughts be honest, your behaviour be upright, that in the things you undertake your heart, your honesty and your love may always be present. Recognize your faults, do not justify yourselves, since when you do that, you are offending God, because He sees you no matter where you hide.

Pray fervently, because his ear is ready to hear you. Remember how many, many times it has been asked for you to have a clean and sincere heart in the prayer of every day, when in seclusion, you pray to God Almighty with that warmth and strength He wants to feel in you. Work with effort as if it was the last minute of your lives, for this action will give you works in heaven. Rejoice your hearts, give thanks every day for the peace at your homes, for the blessing of your temple, for the harmony of your brothers, pray and pray, feel uneasiness for the injustice. Pray, ask, sob for those who have died at the hands of oppression. Always remember that the love of Christ gives life and holiness, and that through his forgiveness and love, if you ask for those souls who suffer, they will be comforted and led to the eternal light of the Savior who is impatiently waiting for all those souls who are eager to come to Him.

Fulfill the salvation’s plan of God to reach this condition of chosen spirits. Be pleased in the love of Christ; He loves you and guides you every day.

A. & A.

December 2nd, 2001


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