Bubbles to meditate

• To listen, to hear the word of God WITHOUT EGO.

• A religion that is not integrated to the daily life is a dead religion.

• If there was a way where the human being could reach heaven easily, there would be no preachers.

• Life must be a path of spiritual discipline.

• If you call yourself human being, clean your heart.

• The human being is the king of creation only when he is crowned by God.

• Rejoice of have been chosen to establish the kingdom of God on earth.

• Human beings have been born on earth to fulfill the purpose of God, the more engrossed in the world and on its doctrines, the more confused and insensitives they become.

• One must not go against nature, it is part of God.

• When we fulfill our loving duty towards the Heavenly Father, we can feel something of the heaven here on earth.

Ramatis Zand


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