Increasing efforts

Reaching the final culmination of times and pervaded everyone in the tasks of the spirit, reflecting over the past, we see with satisfaction a safe progress in the spiritual matters that passionately embrace the righteous that have been polarized in good, being in this way the counterpart of the fallen mankind.

We must create our winged body to get to find that place, yearned for so long. It is necessary to make increasing efforts to achieve balance in our actions and wait with faith and conviction for all of those events that have been pointed to us before. We understand that we are being harassed by circumstances that are presented to us at every moment of our lives, but fear not, since your masters and angels look after you in this time of difficulties.

Beginning to find that way out, we see that the signs have been completed already and that those are willing to channel these final activities with the purpose of that no one gets lost. You must pray and meditate; reflect carefully at every end of the day, watching your attitude, feeling and sensation about everything you have managed to do for the benefit of others and of yourselves. Search the scriptures diligently so you can have a clear vision of the objectives that God seeks on you. Do not feel alone, since you will always be aided in the difficult moments that are occurring.

The righteous sees with great sorrow that many of those who were his comrades are getting lost by being contaminated with the pollutant slag of the malignancy of the low-class spirits. Recover the strength, the tenacity and the diligence to get out with power to the confrontation and to the fight, with the conviction of that nothing and nobody could defeat or intimidate you in the battle of the spirit where we must be winners at all costs. Do not lose the projection that you have traced for yourselves before and that you must keep fixed in time so your goals are exalted and glorified in the name of God who loves you for being his children, for making this great effort that costs you and troubles you at times. Doubt is a cause of failure, but the clarity of the soul does not let you fall into the quagmire. You must claim your Beloved Father during the day and during your dreams so the communication is permanent with Him and nothing and nobody, nor any evil spirit present in your lives could trouble you.

Remember that all the promised things will be fulfilled and the righteous will see this event done.

In reverential peace.

A. & A.

November 7th, 1999


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