In times of chaos

In the expectation of the events, let us lift our prayers for the precipitation of the actions created by men. We must be watchful, alert, so in these times of chaos all the things are put in order. Let us take care of our souls and our bodies in the moment at which the world is invaded by the environmental contamination and viruses that mutilate the beings that are sensitive to them. Have stealth when consuming foods, verify at every moment that these are properly clean and without germs that may contaminate you or make you ill. Believe in your masters, instructors or guides of your respective centers or denominations who only want the best for their students that follow the Lord Christ and his Heavenly Father. Let us trust in the salvation of our souls by means of prayer, faith, perseverance and the desire to spiritually advance at every hour of our existences.

Let us practice humility, kindness and mercy, so necessary in these minutes, let us put the conviction in the infinite love of our Saviour, let us take with confidence his friendly hand; let us make a permanent pact of love and friendship, renewing our vows of alliance to be able to increase the divine grace in which we are.

When we speak about spiritual things we cannot less than placidly daydream with the harmonious internal voice of our spirit, fulfilling the spiritual and soulish yearning of rejoicing with the so near future meeting. Let us pray with fervor to rise ourselves in the celestial harmony of the ecstasy of faith, where we will find the true happiness at the warm embrace of our loving master Jesús. Brothers, let us put our souls and our love at the open hands of our Saviour and at his feet, our coarse hearts that still ignore the capacity of forgiveness. In our voices let us sketch the sweet harmony of a song of praise to give it sweetly to the willing ears of the angels that assist us, let us put sweetness, let us put a clear impetus, and in our voice let us touch the clothes of our winged and blessed one who listens well pleased.

In the delay of the short time that fleeting moves away, we must demand our spirits the perfection requested by the loving Sanctity who demands us to be clean and prepared to board the sublime flight of exaltation and the so near meeting that as the time passes by we could touch in the subtlety of the inspiration of our senses. We hope, brothers, that you make these things true for your progress and for your preparation, since everything is already set for the development of this ending of stages. Do not let our task to be unfinished, let us show ourselves before God with dignity.

Reverential peace.

A. & A.

June 12th, 1998


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