To find that clean path

9 de septiembre de 2014

Running in the maelstrom of life, man shortens his days, filling them with wickedness and bad intentions. That is why, already finished the time and with no hope of repentance, the evil men, with hearts hardened by pride and wickedness, making mockery of the helpless, of the poor and of the hungry, will find their punishment. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Forgotten words

1 de agosto de 2014

When man turns his back on God and fills himself with pride, his path becomes rougher and more painful. Men have forgotten the word goodness, the word mercy and the word love. They wander, empty, poisonous, through the way of life, carrying the burden of their deepest miseries of which they will have to repent when the Lord comes in his magnificence and justice.

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Let us defend our souls

26 de julio de 2014

In cruel combat are the righteous against the iniquity of the world, which stubbornly attacks with ferocity to those who follow God and those who look for justice. We understand the difficulties of this way that make shake in anguish when seeing that many who are called get lost in the way, subjugated by the badness which is offered as a delicate attractive mouthful for evil. Let us wake up our consciousness once and for all so that we can clearly see the satanic machinations which are directed to everyone who want to follow God in a way of justice, uprightness and love. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Chosen to shine

23 de septiembre de 2008

We must march bravely to the encounter of this fight in which we must combat evil with strength and determination. Let us make the supreme effort to reach the goal that we have strived so hard to achieve and let us make of our lives something worthy to be in communion with the deepest feelings of our soul in relation to our Heavenly Father. Lee el resto de esta entrada »