Universal Fraternal Love

24 de agosto de 2014

When man, as a mortal being, is in a position of improvement he must not let enter on himself the impurity of vanity, pride and false personality. We must be conscious, each one of us, that we are perishable beings to any eventuality or argumentation of the being saturated of evil which surrounds us with negative influences. The influences of the external things in our interior, sometimes lead us to feel superior in the actions at moments in which, exalted by flattery, we let ourselves seduce by the feeling of superiority towards those around us. Those who are in this way, must be people of high thoughts and humble actions, because with humility it is how one arrives at front of the Creator. The defect of pride, hardening our character, making us impermeable to the kindness offered by our peers, and creating a feeling of sufficiency, like saying; “To have more than deserved the gifts of love from other people”, and also, feeling always worthy and deserving (although unworthy) of the divine gifts, does not only distance us from them but also from our objective of saving the soul. Pride, vanity, grudge, insensibility, and intransigence, are defects that make retrogress masters and wise people, because the flattery and the dazzle of other people for the knowledge of the being who owns it makes this erudite, full of vanity, to lack merit in front of the Father.

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Beloved Lamb

23 de septiembre de 2008

Beloved lamb that spilled your blood over the lost humanity, give us with it the life to enter the paradise and follow your steps to find our soul bathed in light. Lee el resto de esta entrada »