The wandering samurai

13 de septiembre de 2014

Meditative, walks the wandering samurai, with the sword at his belt, by the green path; in his mind, a red thought as a wound open by fate. From the wound flows a thousand of images from the past that broke through his life without leaving a trace. Are the roses or the thorns that go along the way?. On a quiet corner the danger lurks; as a dark fleeting lightning a sinister shadow sinked on the earth stands mortally. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

The Good God and the Evil God

24 de agosto de 2014

[Extract from the book “El Mágico Encuentro”]

There was a time, in a distant universe, where there were a good god and an evil god. The good god sowed stars in the spaces, planets and galaxies, and in all of them, seas, rivers, mountains, deserts, trees and flowers, beings and essences, divine pleasures and smiles. Everything germinated towards the heavens. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

The origin of the origin

24 de agosto de 2014

In the beginning there were no lights or shadows or darkness, but there were all the forms, laborious in finding their exact figures in long chains of existence.

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