Our inner jailers

3 de septiembre de 2014

Discovering within everything that surrounds us and bring us irremediably to chaos, we see with horror that the man is not owner of his person or anything of what he believed.

This poor being called “man”, is hidden deeply inside of himself, that is to say, more than hidden, prisoner of all his defects, which torment him in the different existing forms in this earthly space. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Our attitude for these times

30 de julio de 2014

All times are difficult for the evolving souls, but currently these are times extremely difficult for people who yearn for immortality in the love of Jesus Christ. These longings are sometimes not authentic because they are not supported by a personal effort but only by the illusory desire, which leads to negligence, to think wrongly, for example, only about how good God is, forgetting about his justice. Many think that there is no damnation, because God is so good that no one will be judged for damnation. In support of their interpretations, they argue that the Bible has been tampered and that there is no punishment for the offender, because God is love. They say aloud, God is love!, but they do not even mutter, “He is also justice.” Lee el resto de esta entrada »