Our inner jailers

3 de septiembre de 2014

Discovering within everything that surrounds us and bring us irremediably to chaos, we see with horror that the man is not owner of his person or anything of what he believed.

This poor being called “man”, is hidden deeply inside of himself, that is to say, more than hidden, prisoner of all his defects, which torment him in the different existing forms in this earthly space. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Let us renew our covenants

25 de agosto de 2014

With joy in their hearts, men who worship God, congregate to praise and bless his name, waiting with faith and hope, all the goodness that emanate from Him to the righteous beings who observe the laws that were given in the times of Moses. These commandments that are lost in oblivion are the main basis for the salvation of the righteous man. Only a few persons remember these principles that are the main basis for a good living, for a good acting and for a good death. If man opened his consciousness and through justice and perseverance toward the divine commandments, and strives in these things, everything would be so easy, but the immoderate, erotic and lascivious world roars like a big beast devouring at its passage all those who are subjugated by its flattering cries, causing dissatisfaction to overwhelm their lives. And thus, making them an easy prey for its great carnival of destruction and degradation, they are taken to the depths of perdition.

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The Power of Imagination

24 de agosto de 2014

Imagination is everything in our life, without imagination there would be no progress, we would have no development, the human being would remain stuck in ignorance. When one wants to do something, it is needed to resort to imagination; thought can not be manifested without it.

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Flattery, Pride and Vanity

24 de agosto de 2014

When the man as a mortal being, is in a self-improvement position, he must not let enter in himself the impurity of vanity, pride and false personality. We must be aware, each one of us, that we are perishable beings to any eventuality or argumentation from the environment, saturated by evil, for being surrounded by influences. The influences of the outside in our inside, sometimes make us feel superior in the actions of the moments, where exalted by flattery, we let ourselves seduce by the air of superiority towards those around us. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Forgotten words

1 de agosto de 2014

When man turns his back on God and fills himself with pride, his path becomes rougher and more painful. Men have forgotten the word goodness, the word mercy and the word love. They wander, empty, poisonous, through the way of life, carrying the burden of their deepest miseries of which they will have to repent when the Lord comes in his magnificence and justice.

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Final showdown

29 de julio de 2014

The world has fallen in the last hour, in which beings will be defined according to their tendencies to face the final moment that will decide their salvation or destruction.

With real grief God looks at people, those creatures which He gave life with so much love and He sees, with real amazement, the capacity developed by these beings for transgress and exacerbate all of their defects and inner demons. We also see that, despite all the calls from different denominations, from different shapes and different sounds, alerting them to open this consciousness, that in sleep makes them lose the true meaning of life, they do not give importance to this wonderful gift.

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