Why the human being is a son of light?

13 de septiembre de 2014

The human being is a son of light regarding divine creation. However, it is not enough to know one is a son of light but one must choose between being a solar man (Light) or a lunar man (Darkness). If one chooses to become a solar man, a radiant son of light, increasing the light received at one’s creation, it is absolutely necessary to practice the virtues. This is accomplished by the practice of biblical moral teachings, which constitute the truth revealed by God.

Ramatis Zand

The abyss of time

24 de agosto de 2014


In the darkness of the deep abyss of the time of the end, where mankind has made scorn of all the things God gave them to progress in spirit and in flesh, man has rejected virtues, has rejected the commandments God gave them for their guidance and for their exaltation. Lee el resto de esta entrada »