The beginning of the end

9 de septiembre de 2014

In this beginning of the end, we address you with the aim of opening your consciousness and your desire to follow God with your entire heart, feeling and intention. When we make a decision we must do it firmly, with conviction and enthusiasm. God is watching those who are looking eagerly to get to that place where they will be presented at the great feast of the marriage of the Lamb. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Let us renew our covenants

25 de agosto de 2014

With joy in their hearts, men who worship God, congregate to praise and bless his name, waiting with faith and hope, all the goodness that emanate from Him to the righteous beings who observe the laws that were given in the times of Moses. These commandments that are lost in oblivion are the main basis for the salvation of the righteous man. Only a few persons remember these principles that are the main basis for a good living, for a good acting and for a good death. If man opened his consciousness and through justice and perseverance toward the divine commandments, and strives in these things, everything would be so easy, but the immoderate, erotic and lascivious world roars like a big beast devouring at its passage all those who are subjugated by its flattering cries, causing dissatisfaction to overwhelm their lives. And thus, making them an easy prey for its great carnival of destruction and degradation, they are taken to the depths of perdition.

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The way of triumph

24 de agosto de 2014

Facing the disastrous state in which the world lives today, sometimes, for so much grief and especially for so much suffering that does not represent spiritual advancement, the righteous also laments himself as the waiting seems endless. Sometimes, it is felt the anguish of living in chaos and fear before the circumstances that nobody longer controls despite beautiful speeches and good intentions… many of them apparent. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Let us decide for God

24 de agosto de 2014

Oh Lord, our Redeemer!, forgive, God, our sins, forgive our living and our dead people, so they can find the true path of salvation. We ask you that our dead, both physically and spiritually, as well as the living ones, might be judged according to your law and your mercy. But, the living people, who must be attentive to your mercy, they must be fully awake so they can understand Your grace, Your glory and Your mercy, Lord. In this day, in which another time of this earth is ending, we ask the beings that follow Christ Jesus to pay attention to their attitude, to their way of doing and thinking, so nothing unpleasant to the eyes of the Creator occurs. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Empty dwellings

24 de agosto de 2014

When the Man transgresses the laws of Jehovah in his heart, he becomes embittered because only misery and sadness devastate his life when he gets away from the only hope that he has for eternal life. When man moves away his heart, thoughts and works from the great cause God gave for salvation, a great suffering is formed where everything is adverse, hard and cruel.

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The righteous has not to fear

3 de septiembre de 2008

The earth, devastated by the evil impact, cries the distress of seeing beings that pass crestfallen, full of sorrow, regreting their sins and other people’s sins, by which they will be judged in the short term. Lee el resto de esta entrada »