9 de septiembre de 2014

It is the conception of the mind in the presence of an eventuality where takes precedence a feeling supported in the orgasm of horror, in the taste of the flavor of dread, where everything that it finds in the way of meeting horror proceeds at death rattles of convulsive and lascivious spiritual expressions. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Let us renew our covenants

25 de agosto de 2014

With joy in their hearts, men who worship God, congregate to praise and bless his name, waiting with faith and hope, all the goodness that emanate from Him to the righteous beings who observe the laws that were given in the times of Moses. These commandments that are lost in oblivion are the main basis for the salvation of the righteous man. Only a few persons remember these principles that are the main basis for a good living, for a good acting and for a good death. If man opened his consciousness and through justice and perseverance toward the divine commandments, and strives in these things, everything would be so easy, but the immoderate, erotic and lascivious world roars like a big beast devouring at its passage all those who are subjugated by its flattering cries, causing dissatisfaction to overwhelm their lives. And thus, making them an easy prey for its great carnival of destruction and degradation, they are taken to the depths of perdition.

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The way of triumph

24 de agosto de 2014

Facing the disastrous state in which the world lives today, sometimes, for so much grief and especially for so much suffering that does not represent spiritual advancement, the righteous also laments himself as the waiting seems endless. Sometimes, it is felt the anguish of living in chaos and fear before the circumstances that nobody longer controls despite beautiful speeches and good intentions… many of them apparent. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

The joy of sharing

29 de julio de 2014

In the joy of sharing love, comradeship and the wisdom that comes from above, we find the happiness of the spirit, feeling in our hearts the true love for humanity and for our fellowmen. I make this separation because our fellowmen is who is with us in the path of love of God, in the same faith; however humanity in general, represents the great number that is lost in the chaos of existence: let us pray every day for them. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Let us defend our souls

26 de julio de 2014

In cruel combat are the righteous against the iniquity of the world, which stubbornly attacks with ferocity to those who follow God and those who look for justice. We understand the difficulties of this way that make shake in anguish when seeing that many who are called get lost in the way, subjugated by the badness which is offered as a delicate attractive mouthful for evil. Let us wake up our consciousness once and for all so that we can clearly see the satanic machinations which are directed to everyone who want to follow God in a way of justice, uprightness and love. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

To foment virtues

26 de julio de 2014

Our beloved Lord has told us to foment our virtues so that our way gets easier and more bearable, because it is short the time that is left for Him to name us and call us to his presence. We know that we are in the way of the Christian truth and that every good devotee serves as good as possible to God. We hope that we all combine our hearts in one, so the spirit of God touches our souls and we are not indifferent to the pain and human needs. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

The righteous has not to fear

3 de septiembre de 2008

The earth, devastated by the evil impact, cries the distress of seeing beings that pass crestfallen, full of sorrow, regreting their sins and other people’s sins, by which they will be judged in the short term. Lee el resto de esta entrada »