Torrent of living water

9 de septiembre de 2014

At this stage of the end, where men, blinded by lust and the lack of love, fall into the depths of the spiritual abyss, they look at those who follow God with contempt and derision, feeling free, but in their poverty of mind and spirit, they ignore the wealth that is offered to them and they discard it. Therefore us, the ones who know the greatness of God and of his generous disposition to help that He gives us every day, giving us this great, wonderful love, filled with spiritual gifts, giving us a way out of this end, while the man makes fall into destruction, we feel that He fills us with his love and assistance, spilling it over us like a torrent of clear water, bathing us with his mercy. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Broaden your horizons

3 de septiembre de 2014

When worshiping the King of kings, you must understand the importance of being brave and hardworking in the path of the untiring quest, since, in this quest, you will find the definition of your spirit that so often we have said to you and told you that you must strive for that joyful meeting, that is so close. Do not despair, for the King is at the door. Remember that prayer is the most powerful weapon with which you can overcome all obstacles that may hinder you. Remember that when being in the grace of God, your vibration is risen thanks to the angels around you that open the way for this communication to be effective. Broaden your horizons, look with fullness at your future, do not despair, do not fall in anguish, for Jesus and his angels are always attentive to help you. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

The way of triumph

24 de agosto de 2014

Facing the disastrous state in which the world lives today, sometimes, for so much grief and especially for so much suffering that does not represent spiritual advancement, the righteous also laments himself as the waiting seems endless. Sometimes, it is felt the anguish of living in chaos and fear before the circumstances that nobody longer controls despite beautiful speeches and good intentions… many of them apparent. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Warriors of Light

19 de agosto de 2014

In the passage of time where the man goes by, walking incessantly by the paths of life, his spirit looks with concern that encounter with God that he once craved. Today we see that many prople, very similar to this man, have sought refuge in different religions and places where the love of God is manifested, filling the souls of those who want to meet Him one day, to feel that eternal joy that is so longed at this time of pain. Behold, see how the man transgresses every kind of things, there is not the slightest respect for life, for the love of family, for the beings of this earth. It is sad to see how men destroy themselves despite the insistent calls of angels and masters. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Our attitude for these times

30 de julio de 2014

All times are difficult for the evolving souls, but currently these are times extremely difficult for people who yearn for immortality in the love of Jesus Christ. These longings are sometimes not authentic because they are not supported by a personal effort but only by the illusory desire, which leads to negligence, to think wrongly, for example, only about how good God is, forgetting about his justice. Many think that there is no damnation, because God is so good that no one will be judged for damnation. In support of their interpretations, they argue that the Bible has been tampered and that there is no punishment for the offender, because God is love. They say aloud, God is love!, but they do not even mutter, “He is also justice.” Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Let us be worthy of God

30 de julio de 2014

Speaking of times without times, we see that there is a void in the minds of humanity. These minds, dedicated to things without transcendence, eagerly seek to spend time in feasts and covens that will only bring, in the end of days, sadness and desolation. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

The joy of sharing

29 de julio de 2014

In the joy of sharing love, comradeship and the wisdom that comes from above, we find the happiness of the spirit, feeling in our hearts the true love for humanity and for our fellowmen. I make this separation because our fellowmen is who is with us in the path of love of God, in the same faith; however humanity in general, represents the great number that is lost in the chaos of existence: let us pray every day for them. Lee el resto de esta entrada »