The Good God and the Evil God

24 de agosto de 2014

[Extract from the book “El Mágico Encuentro”]

There was a time, in a distant universe, where there were a good god and an evil god. The good god sowed stars in the spaces, planets and galaxies, and in all of them, seas, rivers, mountains, deserts, trees and flowers, beings and essences, divine pleasures and smiles. Everything germinated towards the heavens. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Bubbles of Light

24 de agosto de 2014


• The thorns were girded painfully on his head; what tremendous sins he had to wash with his ​​blood already poured down from his face and his chest. Look at the sky, what have they done!, they have crucified him again. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

The joy of sharing

29 de julio de 2014

In the joy of sharing love, comradeship and the wisdom that comes from above, we find the happiness of the spirit, feeling in our hearts the true love for humanity and for our fellowmen. I make this separation because our fellowmen is who is with us in the path of love of God, in the same faith; however humanity in general, represents the great number that is lost in the chaos of existence: let us pray every day for them. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

The Great Privilege

29 de julio de 2014

Many of us have the great privilege of being Christians fulfilling God’s purpose to follow his Son Jesus; therefore, being in such exalted care, we must dignify this call received by grace.

 We all should be examples of light for those blind ones who seek a hand in the darkness of their lives. We know we must make great sacrifices to overcome the invisible enemy who stalks us at every moment, making us stumble in the vicissitudes of the daily life, making us doubt and err. But, as each day a Christian falls and rises, another is standing, making an effort to catch those souls who want to eat the bread of wisdom and nourish their spirit with it, to go to the help of those in need. The word of God is not hushed. Lee el resto de esta entrada »