Resplendent souls

13 de septiembre de 2014

The devotees of God and of his Son Jesus Christ are astonished by the course of events humanity has had in these last times. The abominable being who reigns among the beings of this earth has caused such degradation, destruction over the entire planet, that no one dares to even think about an ending as the one told in the book of Revelation.

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Fruitful sacrifice

9 de septiembre de 2014

At an accelerated pace, humanity hastens their walk at the ending of the ultimate time. It is typical of men to feel loneliness, depression, sadness in these last days, because in being transgressors of the laws of God, there is no peace in their hearts that could give that sweet calm, that inner joy we feel when we have achieved the indicated goals. Therefore, let us walk, those of us who are in this wonderful path, with firm steps, with joy in our hearts, with hope, since our sacrifice will yield fruit and we will be happy to see the face of who gave his life for us. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Broaden your horizons

3 de septiembre de 2014

When worshiping the King of kings, you must understand the importance of being brave and hardworking in the path of the untiring quest, since, in this quest, you will find the definition of your spirit that so often we have said to you and told you that you must strive for that joyful meeting, that is so close. Do not despair, for the King is at the door. Remember that prayer is the most powerful weapon with which you can overcome all obstacles that may hinder you. Remember that when being in the grace of God, your vibration is risen thanks to the angels around you that open the way for this communication to be effective. Broaden your horizons, look with fullness at your future, do not despair, do not fall in anguish, for Jesus and his angels are always attentive to help you. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

White Raiments

24 de agosto de 2014

Through the words of our Lord Jesus Christ we find those gifts of love for the men of good will that do want to follow the steps of this magnificent being, God, who comes now to collect his people and, with great love, He asks us to persevere, to do not let mistrust, uncertainty or discouragement to obfuscate our purposes, which must be those that were proposed when we met the path that leads us to this goal of incomparable happiness. We must make a supreme effort to separate from our lives, all those adverse feelings that we could still keep in our hearts, which must not hurt us anymore, since when having them, we cause our masters to not be able to help us as we need. It is necessary then, that once and for all, we change our position on these negative attitudes that the world is showing more and more every day. With sadness, we see that man has destroyed the Plan of Salvation that God created for everyone, but you, clean and beautiful wheat, rejoice, since God is with you. Let us make our works to be pleasant to Him, to reach all those goals God has set for us for the progress, recovery of the spiritual freedom and everything that regards to the love and mercy of our Father. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Empty dwellings

24 de agosto de 2014

When the Man transgresses the laws of Jehovah in his heart, he becomes embittered because only misery and sadness devastate his life when he gets away from the only hope that he has for eternal life. When man moves away his heart, thoughts and works from the great cause God gave for salvation, a great suffering is formed where everything is adverse, hard and cruel.

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Warriors of Light

19 de agosto de 2014

In the passage of time where the man goes by, walking incessantly by the paths of life, his spirit looks with concern that encounter with God that he once craved. Today we see that many prople, very similar to this man, have sought refuge in different religions and places where the love of God is manifested, filling the souls of those who want to meet Him one day, to feel that eternal joy that is so longed at this time of pain. Behold, see how the man transgresses every kind of things, there is not the slightest respect for life, for the love of family, for the beings of this earth. It is sad to see how men destroy themselves despite the insistent calls of angels and masters. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Fruits of Obedience

1 de agosto de 2014

Every time obedience shows up, we see that the word of God has fallen over good soil and its fruits produce good seeds, that when sowed, will improve in quality and will stabilize the harmony of those souls that strive to reach higher worlds and heavens. We understand that there are things that make us doubt and question the knowledge we have so far, but it is necessary to achieve those goals in order to determine the degree of dignity of each one of those who follow God and are willing to make Him place his eyes on those that with honesty, patience and devotion find joy in the sacred wait of the near meeting which we are so close to receive as a reward for the obedience that He has asked from us. Culminating the right time at the current conditions of the world, we must take care of our clothes, thoughts, sensations and feelings, because the spirit must be attentive to give charity, love, understanding and give the friendly hand of forgiveness and wisdom to the beings who, having lost, have found the correct path of salvation of a loving father who gives them this opportunity. Lee el resto de esta entrada »